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Letter: Rec center: Beware and be aware

Rec center: Beware and be aware

Be aware of your own tax consequences. A recent letter to the editor presumed that the Crown Mountain building and maintaining recreation center project would save you money by spending money. An important question to ask yourself is, “Do you think a deduction for the taxes you pay will go on forever given the financial state of our country?”

One thing that will go on and on and on is your additional taxes and assessments to build and maintain a rec center.

Many of us cannot afford to support recreational wants for others. In our area where recreation is a blink away, the need to put hardship on others is unnecessary.

Hopefully those of you who want this project for your family and children will realize that if you stay in this area you will be paying way longer than you and your children will be actually going to a rec center.

The taxes and assessments have long-term consequences to contend with. Can you really afford a constant outflow of money toward recreation for others — an outflow that in our opinion will continually increase?

With so much beauty and opportunity around us, please enjoy what we have and don’t ask others to be taxed beyond their abilities.

Please vote “no” on the Crown Mountain rec center — “No” on 4C and “no” on 4D.

Sue Driggers

Blue Lake

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