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Letter: Re-elect Skadron for Mayor

The job of mayor, as well as council member, has evolved to understanding and being able to work collaboratively beyond city limits to address regional issues. As county commissioner, I often must work across county borders as well as across the street on issues such as affordable housing, transportation alternatives, community health, energy efficiency, transmountain water diversions, climate change — and the list goes on. Steve Skadron understands this and works side by side with other elected officials. Working together on the CORE board, the organization was successful in securing a Department of Energy grant for the implementation of the Energy Smart program in a tri-county partnership (Pitkin, Eagle and Gunnison). Representing the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority board, we traveled together to Washington, D.C., a few years back to help secure a $24.5 million grant for bus rapid transit. On the Elected Officials Transportation Committee, Steve recognized the need to fund the no-fare Aspen-Snowmass bus, and he supported the Aspen Business Center pedestrian underpass. He also understands the importance of upgrading our airport to remain competitive as a resort community.

Steve’s commitment to the health of our community will hopefully lead to a sustainable funding source from the city to bolster the county’s Healthy Community Fund. Steve understands that the protection of our environment is critical to our quality of life and continued success as a community, from joint open space purchases to expanding wilderness areas. He supported the city’s financial contribution to the county’s purchase of Sky Mountain Park with the town of Snowmass Village. This regional approach made it possible to secure this property to protect and improve the wildlife habitat as well as provide recreational opportunities for the public. In addition, he has served the past two years as president of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns, building a coalition to address legislative concerns such as climate change.

From council member to mayor, Steve has shown vision, leadership and the ability to work regionally and collaboratively to address the needs and concerns of our community. I support Steve and believe he will continue to act in the best interests for the residents of Aspen. Off-year elections typically see low voter turnouts. Please vote for Aspen — for regionalism — for Steve Skadron.

George Newman

Pitkin County commissioner

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