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Letter: Rats racing

You sit behind the wheel of your automobile / Raging from place to place / Stop signs and rules mean nothing / When you are running the rat race

I know that you are in a hurry / To get to your next life event / But what difference will a minute make / In a life of time well-spent ?

Slowing down is just not an option / There is not enough time in the day / May the lord up above please help me / When I happen to get in your way

Pulling up to my next stop signal / With you so very close behind / If I hesitate for even a second / You totally lose your mind

That’s when the real problem starts / And the fingers begin to fly / Put that horn where the sun don’t shine / Before I pull out my gun and you cry

Maybe then you get a message / And your phone gets stuck to your ear / That milky-white film comes over your eyes / And you really drive with no fear

Then as we get onto the freeway / And I fail to punch the accelerator / You whip past me like a banshee / And turn off a quarter mile later

Of course you know that you’re always right / And that I am generally wrong / But when times get rough and you’ve had enough / I’ll still be out here driving and tootling along

Prentice Boyd Billings


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