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Letter: Public should know about chemicals

I pulled into the intercept lot the other day to ride my bike in Skyline Park. There was a landscaping company spraying the rock islands with Roundup! (There were so few weeds that they easily could have been hand-pulled). There was no warning sign posted. When I mentioned this to an employee, he said the company always flags the area it sprays with toxic chemicals afterward. Guess what — I got back from my ride, and there were no signs at all!

We have a right to know when chemicals that are linked to cancer in both humans and dogs are used in public areas so we can choose whether we are exposed. The banning of such chemicals in Europe should make a wise person worry about all the poison we are exposed to. By most estimates, 40 percent of America’s honeybees die each year, three-quarters of which are attributed to pesticides. I think our public areas should be safe. A dog could sniff around or a person sit under a tree for shade, and they should not be exposed to a carcinogen.

Denise Handrich

Lazy Glen

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