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Letter: Proven passion for education

As one of five members on the Aspen School District Board of Education, I have had the good fortune of working closely with Sandra Peirce and Sheila Kennedy Wills, both of whom are incumbents in the November election. These women are unselfishly willing to commit themselves to another four-year term in order to complete various initiatives they helped start — a commendable and admirable action given the time commitment of the job and the fact that they no longer have children in the district. Together, they are an incredible asset to our school district. They are fair. They are thoughtful. They are experienced (in life, in business and in the operations and scope of the school board and district). They are hardworking. They work collaboratively. They communicate clearly. And most importantly, they advocate for what’s best for all children. When challenges arise, they evaluate, they analyze, they lead, and they get to work. In the face of financial challenges and rising standards, the Aspen School District needs the passion and expertise of both Peirce and Wills for the next four years. This election season, they will have my vote.

Annie Cassidy


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