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Letter: Props to local officials

Props to local officials

I want to thank Pitkin County, the city of Glenwood Springs and the town of Carbondale for urging the Bureau of Land Management to reject recent attempts to extend leases within the Thompson Divide.

Our local elected officials get it. Unfortunately, industry doesn’t seem to. In a story last week, a representative of a company looking to drill in the Thompson Divide was quoted as saying, “The economics don’t concern us.”

Well, economics sure do concern me. And I’m sure your readers agree. That’s why local opinion weighs heavily in favor of conserving the Thompson Divide and the countless livelihoods it supports. Our economy has a lot to lose from oil and gas development — to the tune of some 300 long-term jobs and $30 million. That may not seem like much to a company from Houston, but it’s meaningful to the local ranchers and small-business owners in our rural community.

Thanks again to our local elected officials in Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Pitkin County. I’m happy to see that economics concerns them.

Susie Amichaux

Glenwood Springs

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