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Letter: Proposal a community asset

Proposal a community asset

We have an opportunity right now to support a concept this town so badly needs. Aspen has given my family and me many wonderful opportunities, and we’re thrilled to call the Roaring Fork Valley our home. One of the few formulas missing from the Aspen equation is a diminishing middle class. The barrier of entry in Aspen is far too high to encourage creative entrepreneurs to call Aspen their home. The Old Power House proposal, combining affordable workspace for up to 60 businesses, approachable event space, a multimedia storytelling studio ran by Aspen 82 and a food and beverage operator in the Aspen Brewing Co. is a wonderful use for this community asset.

I hope you’ll join me in encouraging the Aspen City Council to accept the proposal put forward by Duncan Claus and David Cook as this community needs what the Old Power House will bring.

Chris Davenport

Old Snowmass

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