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Letter: Presidential prediction

I am going to make a semibold and rather predictable prediction for the 2016 presidential election. Two words: Hillary Clinton. I watched the Republican debate the other night, and one main subject kept coming up: the lack of an intelligent immigration policy. One main really bad idea that was talked about by a few sons of immigrants was the gall to charge illegals a tax of as much as $5,000 to be here. It sounds bad in theory and worse on paper.

The problem with that is how many regular workers have that kind of disposable income sitting around. Also, the hypocrisy of it is amazing. People need to read the real history of immigrant abuse in this country — 99 percent of Americans are from some other place.

If the Republicans want a young workforce, they need to have a plan to make citizenship easier, not more difficult. Besides that, who is going to mow their lawns, feed babies and change their diapers, paint the house, lay a concrete slab, etc.? I could go on and on.

Look at the typical workforce in any random state. You lose the Latino vote, it trickles to the black vote and the women’s vote.

Ever since Mitt Romney lost and the Republicans changed their rulebook, it has all been a theory. No real cultural change in the GOP and we will have the same result.

Miles Knudson


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