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Letter: Pot grow will ruin neighborhood

I hope that the Pitkin County commissioners pay attention to the more than 90 percent residents who do not want a marijuana growing operation in their neighborhood.

So far, the operation has never made it clear how the growers will secure their operation from the inevitable thievery/robbery/break-ins. Just how exactly are they going to do this? Are their employees going to be armed? How are they going to be armed/trained? Who or what agency is going to certify them?

Have the commissioners heard or are they aware of the problems in the Denver metro area with pot shops being broken into and/or robbed at gunpoint?

Even our great county sheriffs are anywhere from five to 15 minutes or more away from being able to do anything.

Please vote “no” on ruining a pastoral family neighborhood of small ranches/farms.

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek

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