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Letter: Poop problem getting worse

I enjoyed reading the front-page article in the newspaper this week about dog poop on Smuggler (“Trails dept.: “There’s not a poop fairy,” The Aspen Times, March 24). I have had the pleasure of hiking one of our local jewels now with dogs for 30 years (usually 12 months a year), and I too have noticed the sad, egregious (whatever that means) habit of people leaving their poop bags on the trail — more and more in recent years. People, please take your s— with you. If you think you will remember to pick it up on the way down, obviously you are wrong, which is obvious by the amount of bags on the trail. Whether it’s because your realtor calls you on your phone, you are checking out how much snow is on the golf course or you are grooving to your tunes, most people forget to pick up the doo-doo. I realize the bags are biodegradable, but that doesn’t mean they will vaporize within 30 minutes!

I took four dogs from the Lacet pack up there today — Loki, Molly, Papa and Max — and by the deck, I had about 10 pounds of extra luggage in my pockets, great for the quad muscles and the abs, too!

Thanks to John Armstrong and the rest of the rangers for doing a great job on our trails. Your endeavor is appreciated by many.

Martin Suthren

Todos Santos, Mexico, and Aspen

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