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Letter: Please support 3B

My daughter has been a student of Roaring Fork School District from preschool up to being a current senior at Roaring Fork High School.

In the Roaring Fork School District, there have been options for parents to choose from to expand their child’s education; however one of the common needs are quality teachers living long-term in their school community and not having to relocate due to the high cost of living.

My daughter shared with me from last spring that one of her Roaring Fork High School teachers couldn’t stay to teach the following school year because of the cost of living. As a parent, it’s important to me that my daughter has teachers who enhance her learning and demonstrate a proactive learning environment. I’m sure it’s just as important for teachers to live in an affordable-living community and to be an active community member.

Please vote “yes” for our students and our schools.

Visit http://www.rfvbondtogether.org for more information.

Debi Martinez-Brun


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