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Letter: Please stand up for hydro

Please stand up for hydro

To the honorable mayor and Aspen City Council, as a long-time citizen of Aspen who has had the privilege to serve this community in various capacities, it has been my unique experience to have been an operator of the historic Castle Creek Power Plant. My experiences are documented in various publications.

It saddens me to see the overwhelming 2007 endorsement of the restoration of renewable energy be nullified by a very close 2012 advisory question improperly skewed by a deliberate and concerted effort of outside money and false propaganda. I hope this council will have the intestinal fortitude not to give in to selfish interests who have their own hidden agendas or personal vendettas.

In closing, this community has an illustrious history in the development of clean hydro-electric energy, I hope you will continue the tradition. Please, stay the course! Do not be unduly influenced or misled by false claims and slick ads. There will be continued efforts to negate this community’s water rights.

You, as City Council, embers have a moral obligation to protect Aspen’s heritage and its future. Please support the extension of the application for the FERC permit.

Jim Markalunas


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