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Letter: Pit is a blight on the valley

The Elam Construction Co.’s sand-and-gravel pit is rapidly becoming a scar upon the upper Roaring Fork Valley. The excavation of this pit has visibly doubled in the past year alone, as viewed from Highway 82, Woody Creek, the Rio Grand Trail, Juniper Hill and elsewhere. The Pitkin Board of County Commissioners has approved further excavation by Elam through 2026, subject to annual review. Elam should be aware of the disfigurement of our valley that it is creating and take measures to mitigate the increasingly unsightly nature of its ongoing excavation.

Furthermore, I believe it behooves the commission and the residents and property owners of Pitkin County to be aware of this issue and take action to remedy the situation when it comes up for permit renewal again this winter.

Don Shapiro

Snowmass Village

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