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Letter: Performers need a new home

In the past two years, I’ve personally taken part in myriad theatrical and musical productions with various groups around Aspen. I’ve hosted play readings in my living room. I’ve rehearsed in sweltering dance studios at the Aspen Business Center. I’ve delivered Harold Pinter’s subtle dialogue in a converted community space while hoping no one would flush the public toilets at a crucial moment. I’ve listened, sympathetic and frustrated, to producers explaining that despite our sold-out shows, we can’t extend our run because the theater is booked for the remainder of the summer. At the moment, I’m rehearsing a one-night revival of this same show, “Venus in Fur,” in a generously provided community room at the Senior Center — a one-night-only benefit because one night is all the Wheeler could squeeze into its schedule.

My stories are not unique. I am just one performer among many in our town who face similar frustrations on an ongoing basis. Our performing-arts groups don’t merely serve to entertain; they elevate our community culturally. They stimulate and educate and inspire. And they all have to work tirelessly and endlessly just to find venues in which to perform and rehearse.

With the people we have here, imagine if that time and energy went toward enhancing our arts even further. Imagine what we could create.

I implore the City Council to deeply consider the Red Brick’s proposal for the Powerhouse Performance and Event Center. This is not an “If you build it they will come” situation. They are here, and they need a home. Now.

Nikki Boxer


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