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Letter: Perceived Aspen disparity

Perceived Aspen disparity

How is it that the primarily rich and famous have gotten away with paying for their parking in Aspen with expired prepaid debit and credit cards without detection for so long? “For so long” is the operative statement.

Enter a tale of disparity. It took place in August of this year. I parked outside Clark’s Pharmacy in a designated pharmacy parking spot. I was in a hurry, had a ball cap on and the driver’s side visor was partially pulled down. I did not see the handicap symbol above it until I returned to my car. I noticed a ticket on my windshield and then just then noticed the symbol. I immediately went to the parking ticket center in hopes of appealing the $100 fine noted on the ticket. I am a senior who lives with my husband downvalley and am not at all familiar with Aspen. On a very limited budget, $100 is a stretch. I was willing to pay some portion of the justified fine. I was, however, turned away with a tense, “Appeal it in court.” Really?

Wouldn’t you agree that this represents another piece of Aspen disparity?

Sandie Gardner


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