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Letter: ‘People’ talk

Mark Hunt and I get along quite well socially. I’m not looking for opportunities to criticize him or his projects. But I must question the veracity of the statement in the Nov. 12 Aspen Times article “Hunt weighs options for … Conoco location.” Mark is quoted as saying he wouldn’t claim the building would be the same size as Base2 would have been.

“I know people mentioned that, but I never threatened that,” he said.

The “people” were Mark’s people — Dwayne Romero and Gordon Bronson. They not only “mentioned” it; they hammered it in ad after ad and at forum after forum. I even have a vague recollection that Mark himself acknowledged the threat at the Belly Up event. He certainly never contradicted Dwayne while Dwayne “threatened” it repeatedly.

Mark and the community are in the process of attempting to establish mutual trust. Acknowledging simple truths would advance that objective.

Maurice Emmer


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