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Letter: Peace serves everyone

Congratulations to America, our allies in Europe and Russia on the historic Iran nuke agreement.

Is there anything the Republicans cannot complain and whine about? Surprise — sanctions work!

Of course, Israel’s prime minister is not happy; what would make Benjamin Netanyahu happy? Perhaps Iran should surrender to Israel and make nukes for Israel’s own uses.

By the way, what kind of ally is Israel? By oppressing 3 million Arabs in the West Bank, the Arab terrorists tell their young men that Israel is their enemy, but it’s too late to kill them. But their “ally” is America, and their troops are all over the Middle East. Killing Americans will get you to heaven and 63 virgins.

Netanyahu can, but won’t, connect the dots. Making peace with the West Bank Palestinians (not Gaza) will be best for America and Israel. Don’t expect peace soon; a new right-wing Israeli government is on the way, and that’s not good for the U.S. Maybe some sanctions are in order.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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