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Letter: Overused in Aspen

The most overused phrase in Aspen has to be “unintended consequences.” Now that election season is here, the abuse of the phrase is even worse. I am almost ready to make a fun drinking game out of it. Every time a candidate or reporter uses the phrase, we all have to drink our beers. I put it right up there with phrases such as “YOLO,” “Family values” and “Show me the money,” And, well, “Keep Aspen, Aspen.”

I am not trying to be political about that. I think people on both sides of the “Keep Aspen, Aspen” campaign have come to realize that the phrase means everything and nothing. All of these phrases are just sound bites. Crutches. Phrases that people throw out to get an emotional reaction or scare people. When we act like these phrases mean something, we allow ourselves to be dragged into a dumbed-down debate.

As we head into what is historically a “silly season” in Aspen, let’s all remember that we can do better. Phrases such as these are no substitute for critical thinking. We can’t solve our community’s problems with sound bites. Actions have consequences. We are all smart enough to articulate what they might be, and to insist that our candidates do the same. So, let’s talk substance for once. Because I’d rather play the drinking game than listen to a bunch of hot air.

Maria Morrow


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