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Letter: Our democracy at work

Our democracy at work

On behalf of the hardworking staff at Aspen Public Radio, I’d like to say thanks to Michael Kinsley, Bill Stirling, Ann Mullins, Marcella Lawson and Michael Behrendt for serving on the panel that spoke at the Town Hall meeting at Belly Up on Wednesday for the moderated discussion on Referendum 1, which would require voter approval of development projects seeking certain variances in Aspen.

Thanks also to the more than 60 concerned residents who were there in person and to our listeners. Civil discourse on important issues is a hallmark of an engaged democracy, and we are proud to host these types of events and hope to do more in the months to come.

And a special thanks to Michael Goldberg and his staff at Belly Up for graciously opening up the venue for a community event such as this.

With sincere gratitude,

Carolyne Heldman

Aspen Public Radio

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