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Letter: One Love, my neighbor

I want to clarify my comments to the licensing board regarding the application by the Best Day Ever marijuana dispensary. In your article describing the licensing hearing, you picked up a portion of the letter that I wrote that made it seem as if One Love Smokeshop causes a nuisance on the floor. I am neighbors with Matt, and by using my language without the context that I wrote the letter, you have made it appear that I have problems with Matt’s business. I do not. I do believe that people hanging out all along the balcony of the office building that I work in would have a negative impact on the professional tenants in the building, and I am concerned about what happens when a marijuana shop opens next door. But I specifically stated in my letter that One Love Smokeshop has not created any problems for me or my business. Unfortunately, your article did create problems for me with my neighbor by taking my words out of context.

Lexi McNutt


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