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Letter: On trust

Trust may be the key to the missing link in Skippy Mesirow’s missive concerning “stand up Aspen, we’re in this together or we’re not in it” (“On leadership,” Commentary, June 10, The Aspen Times).

There are certain trusts that are developed and believed because they are earned. For example, when things are proposed, implemented and successfully completed, they have possibly a blessing of compatibility with needs and desires of a large number of people involved. Trust is a wonderful component in this kind of success!

My view also holds a concept of another form of trust. When there are glaring examples of repeated efforts that show less than honorable intentions and results, you can pretty well trust that future situations and dealings may have this trust as a blessing in disguise.

The bottom line of my observance would probably be explained simply: You can trust in the righteous intentions and acts of some, and you can trust that some of the others are going to hose you!

That sense of understanding, to me, is a win-win! Cheers!

Bo Hale

Lazy Glen

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