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Letter of the law is debatable

In their haste to get Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed before they lose control of the Senate, the GOP repeats over and over again he observes “the law as written.”

That’s wonderful. That means when Kavanaugh reads the Second Amendment, he will see that it grants the right to bear arms to “a well-regulated state militia.” When Kavanaugh reads Article 10, he will see that the federal government can’t require the state and local governments to enforce federal laws. John Adams’ words — “We are a nation of laws, not men” — means the president isn’t immune from prosecution.

How much you want to bet, when Kavanaugh is seated on the court, he won’t observe the above laws as written, but give them his own interpretation? Just like the Bible, the Constitution is open to subjective interpretation.

Fred Malo Jr.


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