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Letter: Obamacare might be felt at the polls

Obamacare might be felt at the polls

It is understandable that Kevin Ward would be jubilant that Obamacare has bestowed on him a health policy that will cost him 70 percent less than his old policy (“An unexpected Christmas present,” letters to the editor, Dec. 13).

Similar jubilation must be felt by other Americans who receive this or that government goody. Along with jubilation at his good fortune, Mr. Ward might have expressed a modicum of appreciation for the hefty subsidies that make this possible for him. There are financial subsidies in the form of enormous increases in the premiums and taxes imposed on other Americans. There will be non-financial subsidies in the form of countless inconveniences that accompany an overly stressed health-care delivery system.

Whether Obamacare will turn out to be viewed as a net positive for America will not be determined from the anecdotal experience of an American here and there who is subsidized, such as Mr. Ward, but by the totality of the public’s experience with the system.

A good barometer might be the 2014 mid-term congressional elections.

Maurice Emmer


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