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Letter: Nothing green about government properties

Nothing green about government properties

Our government and powers that be say they want to have green energy.

But I don’t see solar panels on our new fancy, well lit snow-melted bus stops. I don’t see any solar panels supporting the increase lighting all the park-and-ride lots put in. I haven’t seen any solar garden planned at the airport — even though I see lots of new lights that shine on the private jets that are parked there.

The Snowmass and Basalt post offices are so well lit I bet we can see them from space, yet rarely is there a car in the lot at night — how about some motion-sensor lights? Or close half of the lot at night and turn off those lights. Not only are we adding lots of light pollution so we can’t see the stars, and the animals are disturbed, we are using more energy! Come on, commissioners, start walking the talk about renewable energy.

Solar makes sense and is less controversial than de-watering a stream for hydro!

Denise Handrich

Old Snowmass

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