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Letter: Not too late to fix park

Basalt, why would you design your newest and primary park to flood every year? Why are we using an engineer who is obviously shooting from the hip with river-park design and seemingly little experience in creating a recreational riverfront?

Please consider using wave and hole features to slow flows in the main channel instead of flooding an area meant and spent for recreation.

Having an entire layer of topsoil and debris wash away during normal runoff is unacceptable. Had it been a private jobsite, there would have been disciplinary consequences by construction mitigation from the town of Basalt and Pitkin County.

Make the river fun to draw people in, not flood to keep people out! I can see it now: Every year, out comes the yellow tape and barricades for June while the river floods its banks in downtown Basalt.

It’s not too late to employ a Colorado-based firm with exceptional knowledge of river-park design with international recognition. Please do it right, and get Boulder’s Recreation Engineering and Planning involved now.

Nathan Sullivan

El Jebel

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