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Letter: Not the only source of classical music

Richard Felder has taken issue with Andy Stone’s column on the state of Aspen’s music festival (“After the fall: Has Aspen lost its musical Eden?” Commentary, The Aspen Times, July 20). Feller concludes that the festival is alive and well, supported by “thoughtful philanthropists.”

I believe Felder is wrong. Perhaps he is distracted by Aspen’s horrible traffic problems and has lost his sense of direction. The purge of good people described by Stone has destroyed the Aspen festival. It is as if Donald Trump had taken over.

Fortunately, Aspen is not the only source of classical music. Vail has long since surpassed Aspen by bringing the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Saint Martins in the Fields, and the Dallas Philharmonic.

Classical music is alive and well west of the continental divide. It is just not in Aspen anymore.

Philip Verleger


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