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Letter: Not entitled to make up fracking facts

Not entitled to make up fracking facts

Randy Fricke states that most Western Slope residents know how corrupt the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment are (“Time to ban fracking,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, March 2). I won’t be arrogant enough to speak for most Western Slope residents, but most of the residents I do know appreciate the benefits we get from using gas and oil in our daily lives as well as the opportunities and jobs the industry provides. Most of the people I know understand that the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Department of Health and Environment are made up of real, dedicated people who work very passionately to enforce Colorado law and regulations, which is their duty. The only corruption is in Fricke’s dishonest motives for attacking fracking and the people who engage in it every day. Fracking has been used for nearly 70 years on about 2 million oil and gas wells in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency has never found an instance of groundwater being contaminated by fracking. Period.

Fricke’s assertions of “abusive drilling practices” and claims of health problems from hydraulically fracturing rock a mile or so below the Earth’s surface demonstrates A) a complete lack of knowledge regarding oil and gas production or B) baseless accusations that poison the well of public discussion.

Extremists do not like the gas and oil industries, so why can’t they be honest? Instead, they conjure up their own facts and theories out of thin air to try and impose their ideological beliefs on the rest of us. If fracking were banned tomorrow, this crowd would have another hyperbolic issue to rally around the day after tomorrow. They are entitled to their opinions but not to their own facts. There are legitimate issues to resolve; this kind of discourse makes it all but impossible for reasonable people to negotiate sound policies.

Kent Jolley

Glenwood Springs

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