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Letter: Not an ounce of integrity

Donald Trump’s statement during Monday’s presidential debate that he does not pay Federal income taxes because “I’m smart” simply stuns me. Does that mean that the rest of us who pay taxes are stupid? Trump bragged, as I recall, that he made over $600 million last year! Just because he is wealthy enough to hire armies of lawyers and accountants to take advantage of the tax system does not impress me. Frankly, it’s appalling. This is a man of great privilege who is running for President. He should at least pay something to a nation that has benefited him and his family so much, not boast about how he can avoid paying anything to Uncle Sam at all. I don’t see even an ounce of integrity in him, only a desire to use the system, which he openly decries, to his own, ego-driven financial advantage. There is no sense of civic duty in this man, only self interest.

Andy Wiessner


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