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Letter: None of the above?

None of the above?

Dear Editor:

A choice between Torre and Steve Skadron. Mayor Torre would mean we have a council made up of elected representatives instead of appointed ones.

Mayor Skadron would follow in the large footsteps of Mayor Ireland.

But policy differences? Vision? Negotiating skills? Decorum? Gravitas? Forbearance? Willingness to represent all of the citizens of Aspen, even those with whom they disagree?

I would like to be assured that the 1,000-plus votes for the more moderate and conservative candidates are not ignored. Whichever of these two is our next mayor, I hope they realize that they are there due to the bungled strategy of their opponents and not because they have a mandate.

There’s only one way I can think of that our next mayor will know what percentage of Aspen voters actually support their policies. Boycotting won’t work. If those 1,000-plus voters abstain from voting, Torre and Steve just might think they’re all in Canyonlands.

I am tempted, very tempted, to write a third choice on my ballot. I think I just may be writing in “Sal A. Mander” (vivat Chris).

Ziska Childs


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