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Letter: No zoning change for Gorsuch project

Development on South Aspen Street is complete with the building of Lift One Lodge and One Aspen.

Provided are the following: rooms for rent, commercial space, new utilities, a rebuilt albeit narrower South Aspen Street and underground parking for both Lift One Lodge guests and the general public.

The Gorsuch project chooses to view the above as “insufficient,” offering its plan as a “solution” to the redevelopment of South Aspen Street and the trigger Aspen Skiing Co. “requires” before rebuilding Lift 1A.

Importantly, the scope of the Gorsuch project would overtax the new transportation scheme and restrict views from Main Street as well as access to Lift 1A.

Categorically, this can be resolved by not allowing any zoning change.

Michael R. Mizen

Lakewood, Ohio

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