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Letter: No sympathy for Rodman

No sympathy for Rodman

I find it the height of hypocrisy the Dr. Bill Rodman now asks for the community’s help in saving his job. What community involvement did he seek when he fired Dr. Schultz?

I don’t recall that he cared one iota about the patients of this community who liked and respected Dr. Schultz and wanted him to stay. It is Dr. Rodman who has perpetrated this whole drama, and it is now appearing that he is the one that is difficult and unreasonable. It is also very interesting that the details that Dr. Rodman found so objectionable in his contract negotiations with Surgical Services have never been revealed.

Perhaps, Dr. Rodman, you are now getting a taste of what Dr. Schultz went through, after you colluded with the powers that be at Aspen Valley Hospital, fired him and had him banned from our hospital.

I have no sympathy for you.

Paul Jeffers


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