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Letter: No room for discussion?

I read as many of Melanie Sturm’s columns as I find, and I must say that I am more impressed with her work than any I have read of others in the past. On this current dustup over global warming, I am afraid that if she is going to be honest, reasonable and her usual straightforward self, then there will be no room for discussion. The global-warming advocates seem to have an agenda that leaves no room for discussion. They are allowed to say that global warming is scientifically sound, noting that some of the most respected scientists agree with the danger of global warming, but we of course never really get the names of the “most” respected ones. All advocacy seems to be put forward under the caption of “there is a consensus among some of the greatest scientific minds,” etc. Turns out it’s some Third World U.N. rubber-stamper and his friends.

I applaud you for having a wordsmith like Sturm who uses facts to back up her logic and always leaves an inquiring mind salved with the best balm: truth!

Thank you for your good work.

Tony Mangan

Spirit Lake, Idaho

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