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Letter: No rezoning for Habitat

What is the point of establishing zoning laws only to allow them to be broken, bent or rezoned? It would be a great disservice to the local neighborhood to allow a rezoning for Habitat For Humanity. The present lot size is 6,000 square feet. Sara Adams, the city’s senior planner, said, “the minimum lot size for a duplex is 15,000,” which is way more than double the existing lot size. It is not even close! That would be like putting a giant over-sized, multi-storied museum smack dab in the middle of Aspen. … Oh, you did that too.

There is a reason a “Category 1” housing development has never been done in Aspen. I would be so red hot if I lived in eyeshot of this lot in question and the City of Aspen allows an overgrown, out of place, non-zoned duplex to be built.

Side note: I love it how “nonprofit” organization CEO’s make great salaries. If you’re CEO of a nonprofit, you should only have all your expenses paid for and nothing more, for that would be a profit. $293,806 is pretty good pay!

Hopefully someone with common sense and decency will not push this deal through and screw over those who live in the neighborhood.

John Norman


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