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Letter: ‘No’ on 2A

‘No’ on 2A

Voting “no” on 2A is not a vote against development. It is a vote to say all developers should abide by the same rules and be treated equally by both city staff and the Aspen City Council.

Hotel Lenado went before the City Council earlier this year, and its proposal included requests for additional height, no setbacks, lack of full parking and employee housing mostly underground. The City Council denied the request. Hotel Lenado and its architects then redid the proposal and returned with a hotel that asked for zero variances. They provided all the parking and all of their employee-housing mitigation on-site without being higher than allowed or going all the way to the curb.

If Hotel Lenado can obey all the land-use-code rules, I am sure Mark Hunt’s hotel could, as well. Why do the City Council and city staff treat Hunt differently from the other landowners and developers in town? Vote “no,” and create a level playing field for all developers.

Renee West


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