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Letter: No need for punishment

Regarding the car crash that killed Meleyna Kistner, suppose you come home and just as you reach your front door an arsonist comes running out of your home. He has started a fire in you home. What do you do — run after the arsonist or run inside and put the fire out? It seems to me maybe Kistner’s stepmother is running after the arsonist.

I do not know the stats, but there must be thousands of people who fall asleep at the wheel each year. Some of them wake up before something happens. Some of them might crash their own car in a single-car accident. And some may cause another person or other people harm. So what are the odds of Christine Tinner falling asleep at the exact moment Kistner is coming the other way? At that exact moment? Astronomical, I would think.

I do not know all the variables involved in this accident. Because Tinner was taken to a hospital, there were blood tests done. Apparently no drugs were found in her system, and that would include alcohol, as stated in the article. Tinner has apparently taken full responsibility for the accident. She has expressed deep remorse and apologized. And for the rest of her life, she has to confront her decision to fall asleep at the moment — a hellish thing. And each moment for the rest of their lives, the Kistner family must confront their loss — a hellish thing.

Anger and sadness are healthy emotions, and if one truly experiences them, they will help to heal. If one turns them into hate and depression, there is no healing, and it goes on forever. Tinner killed Kistner in a terrible accident. That is her regrettable action. She fell asleep at the wrong time and place. Kistner was at that same place at that moment. What are the odds?

Please understand that I am not making light of the fact that a beautiful being was killed. And every single one of us at one time or another has or will have that moment when things could go either way. Maybe you left the stove on high and forgot. Or you turned around to put the pacifier back in your baby’s mouth, and there in front of you, a child ran out. And for just that moment it could go either way.

T.J. Krest


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