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Letter: No more mistakes

No more mistakes

The true architect of the art museum and other grotesque, out-of-scale buildings is asking voters for (at least) four more years in office. No amount of gibberish on the part of the former mayor can erase from the cityscape his legacy, and Aspen will have to endure it for generations to come. That alone should be a disqualifier for future public office. And let’s not forget his complete turnaround that placed a knife in the back of the broad consensus for the Lift 1 development, dooming an opportunity that has come and gone. Other than his own ego, it is difficult to discern what type of “growth” he truly favors.

What makes the candidacy of our former mayor so utterly stuffed with hypocrisy is that he has the gall to contend that his past mistakes are actually a plus. Simply put, going forward, Aspen should not be punished for any more of Mick Ireland’s mistakes.

Neil B. Siegel


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