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Letter: Nature, affluence do not mix

I’m writing this letter to show my tremendous appreciation and thanks to the miners, ranchers and small-business owners who originally settled the Elk Mountains. I’m a proud, elderly, male descendant of a pioneer mining family from this area. Their contribution toward the creation of the American middle class was tremendous, and their names are forever recorded in the vaults of heaven.

The old-timers did not have a deep need to impress others with excessive wealth and ownership. Most of them were very friendly, helpful and fun people — striking opposite the very self-centered, pushy crowd of today.

Unfortunately, the American middle class is rapidly being destroyed. My grandparents, who settled in these mountains, came from a European country controlled by a trickle-down oligarchy. Sadly, this political system is being reborn in the U.S.

My father and his family were strong members of the United Mine Workers Union, and I am a member of the National Education Association. Hands off my Medicare, Social Security and pension! I hope you’re reading this, Koch brothers, Wexners, Waltons, Rupert Murdoch (if your’re still around) and numerous others. A trickle-down political-economic system is as bad a deal as slavery.

To conclude with a crystal-clear point, 95 percent of the original old-timers from around here would much rather see the aspens and pines remaining on the land where another mega mansion is going up! They realize nature creates a definite, true spiritual connection; obnoxious mega-mansions and wealth do not!

Joe Krizmanich

Glenwood Springs

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