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Letter: Music doesn’t stop at Thrift Shop

Thanks to the Thrift Shop for the up-cycle! They don’t just sell art, they help make it happen.

Ever tried making a mosaic with old CDs? Well, it looks really cool except you need a lot of CDs to cut up and paste. Where, oh where would I find a lot of old compact discs? Why, our very own artists supply store the Thrift Shop of course. These bits of holographic plastic got a new lease on life as decorative bases for the Aspen Ideas Festival logo art installation. You may have seen the stained glass leaf sculptures out in Anderson Park next to JR’s photos. That’s a much better place for all those CDs than the dumpster.

Thank you, Thrift Shop, and a super special thanks to Jeanie Walla who saved bags and bags of CDs. Jeanie’s “Jazz from Aspen” is pretty cool, too.

Ziska Childs


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