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Letter: Museum doesn’t fit

Editor’s note: The following letter originally was sent to Denver Post fine arts critic Ray Mark Rinaldi in reference to his article “Architecture: Across the U.S., the box is back in museum design” from the Nov. 17 edition of The Denver Post.

Dear Ray,

Your article concerning architecture was informative and interesting.

It is disappointing that you do not understand from an architectural perspective the community I have lived in since 1972. In reference to the Aspen Art Museum, you state that it “fits with its urban streetscape.”

To say that your statement is far from the truth is an understatement. The new Aspen Art Museum is out of context, out of character with the community, offensive and outrageous.

I hope you have the opportunity to visit Aspen in the future and come to understand the true character of our town.

Neil Ross


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