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Letter: Museum a mark against Ireland

Museum a mark against Ireland

Re: “Torre apologizes for Ireland joke over Aspen Art Museum” (The Aspen Times, April 10), Torre has no reason to apologize. Mick Ireland owes the apology. I’m guessing he remembers the May 2009 news “Aspen Art Museum measure fails at polls” (The Aspen Times, May 6, 2009). It was Question 1 on our ballot and was handily voted down, 1,471 to 902. Unfortunately, this new museum was never subject to a vote. Good call by Mick, as history had proven a new art-museum measure on a ballot (especially this museum) would yet again not have met with voter approval.

I agree with Lorrie B. Winnerman’s words “No more Mick Ireland” (“Enough of Clinton, Bush, Ireland,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, April 17). I would simply add to that: unless everyone wants more of his rude and arrogant berating of educated and well-intended locals who care and have the right to be shown respect as they speak up and impassion their community.

In her letter to the editor, Heidi Zuckerman’s last line read that “you must dream big” (“City helped museum prosper,” The Aspen Times, April 17). Well, you got a hideous monstrosity of an anti-culture structure shoved into the heart of our town along with the benefit of a grossly oversized salary. Dream “big,” you say? Congratulations — your dream came true.

Michael Jones


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