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Letter: Midvalley rec center a good deal

Midvalley rec center a good deal

In response to Robert Schultz’s misleading letter to the editor on Oct. 16, I did the math for my home and got something totally different.

I am a property owner on off Valley Road (across from Crown Mountain Park). The current annual assessment for Crown Mountain is 2.291 mils (1 mill for operations and maintenance of the Crown Mountain Park, 1.291 mills for the construction bond). My 2012 tax notice says I pay less than $130 per year.

The additional proposed tax increase is 5 mills for capital construction for a maximum of 20 years, plus 2.5 mills for operations and maintenance. That equals $331 per year.

Schultz claims it is a “mega-recreation center” (it would be less than 1 percent of the entire park and is 20,000 less square footage than the Aspen Recreation Center).

He says “$20 won’t even get your family in the door” (actually it would cost $5 per kid and $8 per adult if you live in district — for my family it would cost $26 or unlimited for $72 per month). The Aspen Recreation Center is $17.20 per adult and $15.20 per kid, plus $11 in gas for a round-trip. For my family, that is $75.80 for a one-time trip, plus a 90-minute trip there and back.

I am also a business owner in El Jebel and my landlord says my tax increase would amount to roughly $20.69 per month, or $248.32 per year. No-brainer there. A rec center equals increased business.

Vote “yes” on 4C and 4D

Bonnie Scott

El Jebel

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