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Letter: Midvalley not ready for another tax

Midvalley not ready for another tax

The plan for the Crown Mountain rec center is too ambitious for the budget right now, even if some level of rec center is desired. I believe the burden on the taxpayers is too high!

The cost to residents of the district (including our midvalley neighborhoods in Pitkin and Eagle counties and more) will start at $5.50 per month per $100,000 value of your home. A person with a home valued at $500,000 will pay $27.55 a month for 12 months for 20 years. Membership fees are in addition, as well as fees for many programs.

There are multiple clubs, gyms and studios in the valley and in our neighborhoods that we already love and support, and we have the choice to use them. This tax will affect us all, and many of us will never walk in the door. Please vote no — we can’t afford this tax right now.

Cathy Markle


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