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Letter: Mayor Skadron is wasting time

Mayor Skadron is wasting time

I find it very belligerent of Steve Skadron to waste your time addressing the issue of “pacing construction” in downtown Aspen, inspiring a negativity toward the growth and development downtown, primarily in distressed, old buildings that need attention. Had you even considered the fact that by doing something like this, the owners and developers of the property have carrying costs? The only concern of yours is that it disrupts the pleasure of the environment. As an elected leader, I think you need to take a different stance and instead, we should be celebrating and thanking those visionary developers for taking on these projects. It seems that what I’ve read about you lately, your primary goal is to stop things from happening instead of doing any good for our community. It’s too bad that people like you are in political offices. What is your history of success with anything? Are you just a resentful person?

Peter Klappman


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