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Letter: Mayor opposes hotel on park

Mayor opposes hotel on park

I was so pleased Basalt’s mayor, Jacque Whitsett, went on record opposing the building of a hotel on our park site. What jumps out at me was Lowe’s reluctance to build a hotel unless the Rocky Mountain Institute could guarantee them so many rooms. Now they are back, wanting to increase the height plus a substantial amount of condos to help offset the cost of building the hotel. The condos they are pricing, which will be higher after completion, suggest to me they would be for part-time residences. Does that help the community? I’m not sure this site would ever be good for a hotel. Is this the only place for a hotel in town?

Must we be so impatient? We don’t have to go to bed with our first suitor. Let’s build our park. I think the institute and the Roaring Fork Conversancy will be a huge draw. Interest will be high in both. I look forward to school children being exposed to what they have to offer.

Unfortunately, there might never be much retail in town. Willits has a bigger draw with the large grocery stores. However, we have so much more to offer. We have interesting shops that draw tourists, art galleries, a library, fine restaurants and don’t forget the river. With our historic buildings, it gives us a laid-back atmosphere that is appealing. I see yoga classes, evening music, people selling wares, picnics and little children skipping rocks in the river. Do we dare think ice rink in winter? Please support our mayor!

Pauline Bowles


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