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Letter: Man’s best friend deserves better

Man’s best friend deserves better

The Denver Post ran a story about a service dog who was placed with an autistic boy. The dog, Clyde, was trained by a convicted murderer through the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program. When Clyde met his boy, he was able to reach through the walls of autism and touch the heart and soul of the boy. This rescue dog, who would have been killed in the shelter, was able to soften the heart of a murderer and open the mind of a trapped child.

At Emory University, Gregory Berns has trained dogs to sit quietly in an MRI machine so that their brain waves can be studied. Berns is the lead researcher on this project to test the reaction of dogs’ brains to determine if they are sentient. Maybe he should just be observing Clyde.

The question facing the Aspen-Snowmass community is what is right and kind to do for dogs — not just what is the legal minimum. The dogs deserve better.

Joyce Meredith


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