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Letter: Making the world better

Kudos to the “couple of kids who want to make the world better” (“Kids against vandalism and littering,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, March 17).

I live across the street from the Miners Park in Carbondale, and the statistics you found seem quite accurate. I walk my dog around the park and, yes, quite often through the park even though the dog is not allowed. Dogs and glass are not allowed in the park, but lazy and careless litterbugs are allowed to enjoy the basketball court, sand volleyball courts, playground equipment and large grass area for other activities. It is quite unfortunate that so many people don’t care about the amenities around them and choose to litter. Every day there are energy-drink containers, food containers from the local convenience store, pizza boxes and a whole lot of cigarette butts by the picnic tables.

I applaud you! I try and pick up two pieces of trash every day! I can pick up more when I want, but I pick up a minimum of two each day. If nothing else, it helps me be of service to the community, makes my surrounding more beautiful and keeps some butts out of the rivers.

Every little bit helps.

Vandalism is an unfortunate act of stupidity. If vandals want to deface some property, I recommend they save up some money, buy something they like and deface it with their graffiti or tags.

You are doing something inspiring and important! Thank you.

John Norman


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