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Letter: Look at record, not party affiliation

Whatever happened to the virtue of open-mindedness in Pitkin County? To judge by some of the letters to the editors of the local papers recently about Rob Ittner, who is running for re-election to the Board of County Commissioners, Rob is automatically disqualified from the job because he’s a registered Republican. Forget the four years he has ably served as a county commissioner. Forget his support for the environment. Forget that he’s socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Forget that he brings a strong business background to the board, having been a successful small-business owner in Aspen for many years.

It’s a crying shame that some in our community choose to vilify another member of our community on the basis of party affiliation rather than the record.

From other environment-loving, socially liberal, fiscally conservative Republicans in Pitkin County (we also love dogs and horses),

Nancy Patton and Lance Hughes


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