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Letter: Local gerrymandering

Regarding the application submitted by some of the Snowmass Creek residences: I have lived in this area for 43-plus years; currently I have owned a home for the past dozen years on Picket Pin Lane, roughly a couple of hundred yards off of Snowmass Creek and in the Snowmass Creek Valley. Neither I nor any of my neighbors to the best of my knowledge ever received a notice to vote on the separation from the 40-plus-year-old Snowmass/Capitol Creek Caucus. I don’t believe anyone from the intersection of Snowmass Creek Road and Capitol Creek Road down to the Conoco was invited, though again they live in the Snowmass Creek Valley, yet these people did choose to include the Lazy O Ranch. It is my opinion that this basically would be referred to as gerrymandering in political circles and the vote should be voided based upon this cherry-picking of people invited to vote upon this. Even with their misguided intentions, the vote was hardly unanimous.

The misinformation and misunderstanding on the transferable-development-rights issue as well as several others facilitated a knee-jerk reaction when the master plan simply discourages the use of transferable development rights; there was never a ban proposed. The actions by a small number of residents, many part time, have the potential to effect the lives of all who live in the Snowmass Creek Valley, yet not only were we excluded deliberately, but I’m certain the separation wouldn’t have passed, and those responsible knew this in deciding to keep us out.

I find the fact that the county went along with the map-drawing of these people incredibly disturbing to say nothing about all of you saying “yes” to a minority of residents without investigating further. I ask that you reject this split of one of the oldest county caucuses and look through their us-versus-them and have them come back into the caucus, where I hope that everyone will listen and communicate more closely with one another and that we can heal this apparent rift that has developed. How sad it was not to see any of them at the annual picnic on the Belk ranch in the Snowmass Valley. I believe again, at the very least, that they should have a revote and include all of the Snowmass Creek homeowners.

John Guenther

Old Snowmass

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