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Letter: Lions Park presents opportunities for Basalt

Lions Park presents opportunities for Basalt

I’m pleased to see that my suggestion of possibly selling the Basalt Lions Park in order to jump-start downtown revitalization has caused some public reaction. As a candidate for Town Council, I wanted to start a public discussion. I am not locked into the sale of Lions Park, but it has the possibility of starting downtown redevelopment sooner, rather than later.

I want to create more open green space along the riverfront by the city purchasing the remaining 2 acres of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park.

The proposed hotel development on the Pan and Fork didn’t work, according to the town’s financial advisor, because of unacceptable financial risks to the town. So the question is: Do we want to wait for that land to be sold to another developer or buy it and control its uses for the good of the town?

Even if we choose to do nothing and wait for private development, I want the town to move ahead with enhanced beautification of the entrances. We could add new plantings and decorative elements, announcing to visitors that they are arriving in an historic river town, which has preserved its small town character.

The city’s current process of holding small and large group envisioning meetings is a step in the right direction and I am participating in it.

Bernie Grauer


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