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Letter: Lift line decorum, please

Lift line decorum, please

Most of the valley was out enjoying the deep fluff of last weekend’s storm, as my family and I were. While in line at Highlands, though, the guy ahead of me pulls out his pipe and begins packing a bowl. I leaned over and discretely said, “Hey, my son is next to me so I’d appreciate you not firing up right here.” To my surprise, instead of understanding, this person felt the need to defend his right to puff up where he wanted. “It’s legal, don’t you know that?” was his rebuttal.

I was not interested in debating the medicinal merits of pot, or the incongruity with attitudes and laws about alcohol, as he was. And he certainly wasn’t going to appreciate a discussion on the vagaries of parenting, or how best to educate my son on marijuana’s effect on the teen brain.

His ignorance (about the legality of public consumption) and lack of respect was disappointing. But I’m hopeful that he was the exception, and that those who chose to partake on the mountain know to do so in a more appropriate place than in a crowded lift line.

Tim Braun


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